Early careers

Saab is a leader in providing the global market with world-leading products, services, and solutions, from military defence to civil security. Saab’s products are sold in over 100 countries, with operations in 30 countries. Currently, Saab employs over 19,000 employees worldwide, with $6 Billion in sales in 2022.​

Saab and Development Beyond Learning (DBL) have partnered since 2018. DBL would deliver on Phase 3 of Saab’s Grad Academy Programme to strengthen graduates’ future and soft skills. ​ DBL’s success led to another partnership in 2019 aiming at the ongoing development of Saab’s leadership program.​



Strengthen Saab’s learning pillars, focusing on future and soft skills and Address the deficit in the existing leadership development initiatives.

Learners are at the third and final development phase of the grad program. They are effectively operating within different business units and have acquired technical skills for their individual roles by the time they begin the third phase. ​

A wider development plan aims to incorporate the grads programme with a multi-tiered leadership programme for emerging managers.​


Scoping of learning needs: DBL worked closely with Saab to identify learning needs within the context of the development plan. This identified the essential skills required for learners to perform at higher levels. ​

Experiential activities: DBL used behavioural science to embed experiential activities that connect learners with learning objectives through engaging and uplifting activities.​

Building leadership capabilities: DBL created the tier development from graduate to leadership level by integrating the desired leadership traits at the program’s core. The process was guided by Saab’s leadership framework. ​

Tangible results

Evolving Partnership: The success of the grad programme contributed to initiating a partnership to develop and continue to deliver the leadership development program.​​

Work-related Challenges: During tier 2 of the leadership program, learners identify real challenges and collaborate in teams to propose solutions based on their learnings during the program. Saab has sponsored many solutions and initiated projects for their implementation. ​

Programme Agility: The programme proved to be agile in addressing the learning needs of learners since the start of the partnership. The original programme structure remains the same, and the contents have been adapting to changes in the business environment.​