Early careers

RWEST is a global company with a diverse trading portfolio. Over 1,800 employees across 75 nationalities. DBL has partnered with RWEST since 2015 to deliver a cutting-edge development programme that puts graduates, their learning and behaviour change front and centre.



Hiring: RWEST hires highly analytical graduates with strong technical capabilities. Yet the pressures of their roles and the agility required for international rotations mean graduates are often lacking in core soft/behavioural skills, and also need support to understand the value of soft skills. Our consistent strategic drive was to support these graduates with the transition from education to the workplace and to develop the behavioural skills they required to confer speed to value to the organisation.

Buy-in: In order to gain graduates’ buy-in and commitment to implementing their new skills, it was paramount that the programme was clearly evidence-based – drawing on information from, and our expertise in, the fields of behavioural science and psychology.

Unique cohorts: No two cohorts are the same, so we also needed to tailor our offering to each cohort, rather than creating a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.The shared objective in this partnership was to create a first class, blended, evidence-based, 24-month global graduate development programme, that increased speed to value and ensured graduates joined the business resilient and ready to thrive.


Programme design: We leveraged our expertise in instructional design, behavioural science and psychology, combined with the latest cutting-edge research, and contextualised the content to RWEST’s reality. This approach ensured graduates bought into the relevance of behavioural skills as well as understanding how to leverage these skills.

Blended learning: The programme adopted a blended learning format, combining internal Learning & Development (L&D) resources with both virtual and in-person workshops, along with practical on-the-job tasks, emphasizing the principle that ‘context matters’. When the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a shift to remote learning, the programme was swiftly adapted to this new format.

Stakeholder involvement: Involvement from senior leaders, managers, and sponsors was integral, offering graduates exposure to role models and emphasizing the significance of soft skills for effective leadership while facilitating the application of these new skills within the business. A steering committee, including senior leaders and past graduates, was formed early in the initiative, providing critical insights for DBL’s comprehensive trainer briefings and contributing to the programme’s continuous improvement through valuable feedback.

Tangible results

Reach: The programme has supported 103 graduates across 5 business areas in 3 countries, delivering: 18,952 hours of live learning and 2,472 hours of virtual learning.

Recognition: RWEST won ‘top company to work for overall’ by the Job Crowds Top Companies for Graduates to Work for Survey in 2020, up from 8th best company in 2019. They also won the top award for providing graduates with support in 2020.

Performance: Since records began three years ago, two thirds of RWEST graduates scored in the top two categories in their annual performance reviews.

Comments: The success of this initiative is the result of a partnership tirelessly committed to testing, learning and continuous improvement, successfully, year after year; tailoring the offering to the nuances, specific challenges and opportunities of each cohort.