Emerging manager journeys


Elevate your rising stars with our transformative Emerging Manager Programme. A comprehensive solution, this journey unfolds in stages, guiding participants from aspiring to accomplished managers.

Allowing your employees to lead with confidence and agility, enhancing team performance and job satisfaction. As these managers inspire innovation and collaboration, you’ll see a positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line, driving towards excellence.


Becoming a manager

Stepping into a managerial role marks a thrilling chapter in your career. It transcends beyond acquiring a new title—it signifies a transformative shift in your mindset. At DBL, we are deeply familiar with the nuances of this transition. With our wealth of experience and a comprehensive toolkit at our disposal, we are equipped to guide you towards success. Our managerial programmess are meticulously designed to enhance your decision-making capabilities and cultivate a people-centric approach, ensuring you flourish in your newfound role.


Managing myself

Embarking on the journey to become an exemplary leader starts with mastering self-leadership. Gaining a profound understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses is the cornerstone of building trust, fostering effective communication, and empowering those around you. Unleash the leader within by honing your ability to recognize your unique capabilities, forging genuine relationships, and becoming a source of inspiration for those in your sphere.


Managing my team

Exceptional teams are crafted by visionary leadership, not chance. Our programme guides you in creating strong team dynamics, coaching for peak performance, and managing conflicts skillfully. You'll gain strategies to nurture an inclusive culture that values diversity and feedback, enhancing performance significantly. Join us on this transformative journey to build a team where every member thrives and excellence is standard.


Managing across the organisation

True leadership extends its influence beyond individual teams, permeating the entire organisation. To elevate your leadership effectiveness to new heights, this journey is dedicated to empowering you with the ability to guide other leaders, master strategic thinking, and foster innovation across all tiers. We provide the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate the intricate landscape of organisational leadership, tailored for those aspiring to leave a lasting mark on their companies' futures.

What our participants say

“A great interactive session that offered valuable discussion and insight on building our brand and essential career skills”
Allianz Delegate