Future leaders journeys


Cultivate and support your leaders of tomorrow with our Future Talent programme. Grounded in behavioural science and designed to sharpen the leadership skills of promising talent. By aligning personal growth with our leadership ideals, the programme fosters a culture of continuous improvement, creative problem-solving, and collaborative success.

Participants will gain the practical skills necessary for real-world challenges. Allowing your organisation to build a leadership pipeline where every member is empowered to achieve their fullest potential.


My own talent

In DBL's Future Talent (FT) program, you'll hone your unique skills to emerge as a strong leader, adept at navigating complex business landscapes and embracing change. This initiative aligns your growth with the company's leadership ideals, fostering a culture of innovation through creative problem-solving. Emphasizing self-improvement and the importance of feedback, the programme equips you with the practical skills needed to address real-world organisational challenges.


My talent with others

In DBL's Future Talent (FT) program, you'll embark on a leadership development journey with support from colleagues inside and possibly outside the organisation. Together, you'll master navigating change and excelling in the modern business environment. By adopting a shared leadership vocabulary, you'll align on common objectives, learn the essentials of leading teams, and drive positive change. Collaborative efforts and mutual support will foster strong team bonds, enhancing your organisation's success and shaping your leadership future


My talent across the organisation

DBL's Future Talent (FT) programme focuses on both individual and collective organisational strength. As a participant, you'll be part of creating a robust leadership pipeline to navigate the future. Your role will be crucial in promoting unity and shared goals, driving innovation, and spearheading continuous improvement. Your leadership and commitment will not only shape the organisation's future but also inspire others to achieve their highest potential.

What our participants say

“The training was very comprehensive and I will be taking a lot of beneficial action back with me to work”
BAE Systems Delegate