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Why should I consider using DBL?

We recognise the crucial role early talent plays in shaping the future of your organisation. Our innovative development approach goes beyond conventional learning programmes, we design learning journeys that not only impart transformative human skills but also nurture individuals into outstanding achievers. Our workshops are conducted with a focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) and we integrate behavioural sciences, evidence-based methodologies, and global perspectives into our services.

Why do you focus on early careers/ emerging talent?

We recognise the significant potential and future impact of this demographic in both business and society. Our expertise lies in this area, where we provide programmes that not only address current skill gaps but also anticipate the changing requirements of future work settings.

Does DBL specialise in certain types of clients/industries?

We collaborate with a diverse range of clients across various sectors, catering to multinational corporations, SMEs, and mid-sized enterprises. Our unique approach involves customising compelling content and delivery approaches to address the individual requirements of each client.

What are the key human skills that equip early talent professionals for the future workplace?

The key human skills that prepare early talent professionals for the future workplace, our most sought-after skills by clients, include Personal Branding, Social Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Growth Mindset, Self-Awareness, Resilience, Problem-Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, Career Empowerment, and Feedback

Do you offer any ready-to-go programmes?

We offer ready-to-go best practice programmes and collaborate closely with clients to craft tailored or fully bespoke solutions. Our portfolio includes 40 ready-to-go modules for early career development, covering topics from Self-Awareness and Personal Branding to Critical Thinking and Career Empowerment. Additionally, we provide 80% developed full learning paths for managers and graduates, offering comprehensive upskilling solutions in a compelling and effective manner. All our programmes are grounded in behavioural science principles and a thorough comprehension of Gen Z, ensuring that our content and engagements are personalised and updated to meet evolving learning requirements

Are there specific limits on workshop capacity?

We have the flexibility to conduct workshops for both small and large groups based on your requirements. Our most extensive single live orientation event accommodated 1200 graduates (in-person), and we are equipped to organise large scale virtual events as well. We work with our clients and each individual learning outcome in order to determine the most suitable group size.

Would you suggest face to face or virtual learning?

Virtual workshops provide flexibility and convenience, enabling participants to engage from any location. While interactive through digital tools, they depend on reliable internet connectivity and digital proficiency.

In contrast, face-to-face workshops offer direct engagement with instructors and peers, interactive exercises, and real-time feedback, enhancing communication and involvement. They facilitate natural networking opportunities and a well-defined learning setting but involve travel and scheduling limitations.

The decision between virtual and face-to-face workshops is influenced by the learning goals, resources, and preferences of the learners and the organisation.

What are your capabilities for delivering global learning programmes?

We are a purpose-driven organisaton, with offices spanning across Europe, Asia, and Australia. In addition to our physical presence in these regions, we boast a vast global network comprising highly skilled facilitators situated worldwide. These facilitators bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, enabling us to deliver in-person training sessions wherever they are needed. Additionally, our global capabilities extend to virtual training, ensuring that we can cater to diverse cultural needs and preferences. With facilitators adept at conducting virtual sessions, we can seamlessly deliver engaging and culturally sensitive training experiences, regardless of geographical boundaries. Whether it's face-to-face or virtual, our global network empowers us to provide tailored, high-quality training solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients across the globe.

Do you offer any group coaching or mentoring interventions?

Absolutely! We're able to deliver dynamic and interactive coaching and mentoring sessions, tailored for both large groups and smaller, more intimate settings - these options serve as valuable enhancements to our larger group training solutions, amplifying the effectiveness and value of our programmes.

How do you drive learning-into-action?

We keep learning real, engaging and fun to ensure that the messages land. Our design finds ways to use concepts and practical tools and techniques that learners can use in their everyday. For example, when thinking about influence, we will break this down and enable users to create action plans to find new ways to influence their key stakeholders. We use pre work and post work to ensure that “live” learning interactions can focus on developing the skill and delegates are supported in their ongoing task of embedding a new behaviour to demonstrate the skill and create favourable outcomes.

What methods do you employ to drive innovation in your programmes?

We continually invest in product development to innovate our modules and delivery methods. This includes an annual deep dive product review and strategy session. Recent innovations include learning nudges, Mentimeter for interactive delivery, new face-to-face exercises, action learning groups, and business challenge case studies. These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to delivering dynamic and effective learning solutions that meet evolving needs.

What eLearning content do you provide?

DBL offers eLearning content through our exclusive DBL eLearning space which can be an add-on programme component tailored to your needs, making learning accessible, flexible and on demand.

We have existing modules and interactions on a range of topics that support eLearning. We can host on all forms of multi-media and can track and nudge participants through their development journey as part of a blended package.

We are happy to build fully self directed online solutions for example, we have a blended sales academy and an online resilience solution.
We have existing modules and interactions on a range of topics that support eLearning. We can host on all forms of multi-media and can track and nudge participants through their development journey as part of a blended package.

We are happy to build fully self directed online solutions for example, we have a blended sales academy and an online resilience solution."

How long does it take to create a programme for early talent professionals?

We generally allow 6 -12 weeks depending on the degree of customisation and complexity of the programme, however, we are able to deploy solutions almost immediately where clients wish to use our best practice materials.

What is the optimal class size for a workshop?

Many of our programmes run with group size of between 12 and 16, which typically ensure the highest level of engagement and learning outcome.

How long are each of your skills learning sessions?

Our face to face or virtual sessions can range from 90 minutes sessions to full day workshops however, we can tailor this to fit your requirements.

Is it possible to have hybrid sessions?

Certainly! We have expertise in conducting sessions for hybrid audiences. Yet, we recognise that the experience varies significantly for individuals in the physical classroom compared to those attending online. We would engage in discussions with you to evaluate the most suitable delivery method based on your requirements.

How do you approach the design of your manager and leadership programmes?

Our manager and leader programmes start with the principle of helping managers and leaders firstly understand themselves and the impact they have, secondly how to create the right environment for those they manage and lead and finally how to see the bigger picture and operate strategically. We have ready-to-go manager level modules and programmes which focus on creating the everyday challenges managers and leaders face to create behavioural shift, ensuring that the learning is personalised for the unique context of a delegate.

With DBL’s expertise and niche in early talent, we have a holistic and nuanced understanding of the behaviours and expectations of the younger generation. This specialised expertise informs the design of our Manager and Leadership programmes, tailored to meet the demands of the evolving workforce.

How does you measure success for your clients?

We assess the impact of every interaction with learners and monitor progress throughout the programme to adapt our design as needed. When utilising our eLearning platform, we track and analyse interactions and outcomes, sharing valuable insights with our clients.

How much do your learning programmes cost?

We believe in offering a personalised experience. Our focus is on tailoring engaging content and delivery methods to match your individual requirements. By providing customised pricing, we ensure that we deliver the most suitable solutions for you. Our pricing is typically based upon a per learner cost to ensure clear and simple pricing structure. Please get is touch with us here and we can provide you with a quote.

How do you engage Gen Z learners in the workplace through your programmes?

With close to two decades of experience supporting individuals in kickstarting and advancing their careers, our content strikes a chord and is presented interactively and accessibly. Our facilitators are adept at engaging cohorts with varying styles and requirements. We establish a secure environment for learning and growth, progressing at the learners' and cohorts' pace to help them navigate and conquer the learning obstacles we introduce. Furthermore, our training programmes are infused with innovation, continually evolving to integrate cutting-edge approaches and techniques to meet the evolving needs of Gen Z in the workplace.

What are the advantages of incorporating digital technologies, including AI, in learning and development?

Digital technologies and AI in L&D offer substantial benefits by tailoring and enriching the learning process, promoting collaboration, ensuring uniformity, and offering valuable insights for ongoing enhancement. These perks support the personal growth of individuals, enhance team cohesion, and fuel organisational triumph

What advantages come from employing an external L&D provider rather than an in-house team?

Choosing an external L&D provider like DBL brings several benefits:

> Specialised early talent expertise and innovative perspectives

> Cost-effectiveness without the burden of full-time staffing costs

> Scalability that adapts to your evolving requirements

> Customised content and delivery methods

These advantages enable your internal resources to concentrate on essential business activities.

Do DBL deliver keynote sessions as part of Learning Festivals?

Absolutely! We regularly design and facilitate sessions to support our clients, and these can be from off the shelf content or fully bespoke to support a specific theme or need of the Learning Festival.

How can I apply for a position at DBL?

We welcome applications from individuals who share our vision and are interested in being part of our team. If there are no current vacancies, please express your interest by submitting your CV along with a brief explanation of why you believe you would be a valuable addition to our team. Kindly email us at

Is it possible to become a Reseller Partner of DBL’s services?

We are open to exploring collaboration opportunities. Feel free to discuss your ideas, contact us above.