Future leaders

LUXASIA, a rapidly growing company in the beauty and luxury industry, sought a tailored solution to nurture their future leaders and enhance their organisational resilience. ​​

We provided a customised programme, resulting in tangible improvements and improved performance results.

Development Beyond Learning (DBL) has developed a successful Future Leaders Programme working with LUXASIA. ​

This collaboration demonstrates DBL’s capacity to align training activities to leadership development programmes to achieve an organisation’s specific goals.​


To create an impactful and engaging programme to align Senior leaders with target behaviours​:

  • Breaking a repetitive training cycle that was used previously. ​
  • Deeper integration of theoretical frameworks and practical application strategies.​
  • Elevation of concepts and content to engage more experience participants.​
  • Working creatively with the volume of content and real application within the allocated time.​


Customised Roadmap: DBL created a bespoke roadmap for the 2023, aligning it closely with LUXASIA’s Leadership Competency Model, and is the sole partner that has been able to effectively achieve this.​

Scalability and Flexibility: DBL implemented scalable and flexible solutions through significant realignment of content and format, to focus attention. Wed developed shorter content elements and extended discussions for sense-making and embedding practice to improve engagement in each session.​

Group Coaching: Small group coaching was implemented where participants stayed with the same group over the duration of the programme resulting in greater willingness to share challenges and discover solutions with the support of expert facilitators.​

Tangible results

Behavioural Alignment to Leadership Roadmap: LUXASIA reported a significant alignment of participant behaviour with the Leadership Competency Model following the programme. This was demonstrated in improved leadership behaviour among high-potentials and emerging leaders.​

Enhanced Learning Engagement: LUXASIA experienced a significant improvement in the engagement levels of participants with the expert DBL trainers reporting deeper and more insightful conversations and solutions.​

Effective Time Management: The collaboration with DBL led to improved outcomes by balancing theory and practice in a time-efficient manner which allowed the programme to be effectively integrated into organisational workforce development plans.​