Own Your Belonging and Enhance Your Future Talents’ Continuing Development

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Development, both in personal and workplace terms, should always be seen as a continuous process, a journey rather than a destination. Of course, that development can involve many factors, each of which could be as imperative as each other. One of them in particular has been somewhat underestimated until recently, that of “own your belonging”. This article examines what this actually means, and how it can be of benefit to future talent in all organisations.


There was a time when workplace development meant little more than job-specific training courses designed to simply underline processes and systems that employees needed to learn. Thankfully, those days are long gone, with more and more companies understanding the importance of both personal and professional improvement. Now, perhaps more than ever before, there’s a powerful need to make sure all members of the team are able to feel connected, valued and appreciated.

In the modern workplace, employees are often engrossed in their on-screen activities for many hours of the day. Opportunities to engage in a meaningful way are sometimes rare; a quick chat at the water-cooler before going back to that screen is nowhere near enough to give workers the chance to find the inclusion and belonging that we all seek, and of course the sharp rise in home working has merely added to the disconnect that many of us feel.

Here at DBL, we work alongside a wide variety of partners to bring a broad spectrum of learning modules designed to enhance the potential of graduates, apprentices, emerging leaders and more. Our Own Your Belonging module can empower and inspire and will help attendees to understand that a sense of belonging in the workplace is vital. According to Mentalhealth.org.uk, more than 14% of individuals suffer from mental health problems in the workplace.

By the end of this engaging module, participants will be able to:

Organisations that contact DBL are showing a clear determination to promote a healthy workplace, while at the same time are investing in the futures of their employees. And while the immediate benefits of our learning modules will be felt by the employees, the overall benefits to the company should never be overlooked. Businesses that display a commitment to improving the mental health of their employees can look forward to a strengthening in employee retention levels. According to research by Benenden Health, more than 45% of workers would look to move on if their employers didn’t offer sufficient mental health support. Delving deeper into generational differences, half of 18-24-year-olds (50.5%) and 25-34-year-olds (57.4%) would look for alternative employment if their current employer didn’t support their mental health enough.

A more contented team will inevitably offer more in the way of:

Those responsible, such as Heads of Early Careers, Early Talent Directors and Future Talent know the importance of having a balanced, contented workforce that can assimilate together to reach and go beyond existing targets. With the right training from experienced learning and development  providers, even the supposed barriers created by remote working will no longer come into play.

Don’t lose your future stars to your rivals

Workplaces, whether they are existing offices in a physical location or a disparate but connected network of people working from remote environments, need to be as welcoming and as cohesive as possible. Anything less will have a negative impact on productivity and, in the long term, a detrimental effect on the retention of key employees. In the worst-case scenarios, your future leaders could end up jumping ship in a bid to find a happier company to work for. Ultimately, this could mean your loss is going to become your rival’s gain.

Our learning module will play an important part in not just helping your team members, but also in empowering them to think and act for themselves in a more positive manner. We teach techniques that encourage a rewarding personal journey of development, such as a commitment to implementing new actions on a regular basis, and to set dates for each set of actions.

DBL has been providing high-quality programs to global corporations for many years, and we continue to work alongside our partners in order to dovetail our modules to their specific aims. This bespoke approach has helped to enhance our reputation within the industry for implementing genuine behavioural changes in emerging talent.

Increasing connections in a sometimes-disconnected world

Irrespective of which sector of industry you operate in, the need to strengthen your teams from an early stage is a must. Maintaining a feeling of cohesion and connection within a workforce is perhaps more difficult than ever now, but a powerful sense of belonging can still be achieved with the right guidance. It may seem that it’s difficult to quantify the importance of happiness at work, but studies conducted by Warwick University revealed that happier people were around 12% more productive. That 12% improvement for your organisation could make the difference between moderate improvements and major successes.

To find out more about our Own Your Belonging module or any of DBL’s ready-to-run modules or customised programs, simply get in touch with the DBL team. We hope to hear from you soon.

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