Launching an Exceptional Intern Experience: Unlocking the Potential of Internship Programmes

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Discover how to transform internships into valuable opportunities for rapid skill development by maximising the potential of limited time and supportive learning environments.


Rethinking Internships: Desires into Reality 

Internships hold the promise of transforming student ambitions of employment into reality, but getting there can feel like chasing a rainbow. The competition is fierce and the opportunities scarce. So, how do we bridge the gap between desire and reality?

We believe that the key to positive internship experiences begins with the intentional design of internship programmes as springboards for rapid growth, where every project and every interaction becomes an opportunity to develop skills and expand horizons. By embracing the constraints of time, employers can unlock a treasure trove of learning experiences that can shape interns into the professionals they aspire to be. 

Fostering Great Conversations: Unlocking Effective Communication 

Imagine the shift from just chatting to fostering conversations that spark ideas and connections. Effective communication isn’t just about exchanging words; it’s about building relationships and learning from each other. Whether it’s sharing insights during team meetings, having heart-to-hearts over coffee, or seeking guidance from mentors, creating an atmosphere where conversations flow freely can transform your intern’s journey. 


Focus and Feedback: Paving the Way to Success 

Starting as an intern can feel like you’re navigating in the dark. Employers who set clear goals and encourage interns to seek feedback can light up the path to success. Instead of learning aimlessly, empower interns to ask for guidance that steers them toward alignment with your goals and organisational expectations. By helping them embrace constructive criticism, they will surpass expectations and unlocking their full potential. 


Integrating Learning: Reflecting for Growth 

Reflection isn’t just about looking back; it’s about distilling insights into focused points for growth. Successful internship programmes create opportunities for participants to unpack what they have learned, celebrate their wins, and identify areas for improvement. By weaving active and supported reflection into your intern programme, you’ll enrich the learning experience and pave the way for future successes. 


Retention Rates: Why They Matter 

Think of investing in a quality intern programme as a way of beginning a long-term professional relationship. Retention rates speak volumes about the quality of your internship experience. Research shows that interns who have a positive internship experience have significantly higher retention rates compared those who had negative experiences. At DBL, we’re committed to supporting organisations to implement programmes where interns feel valued and supported, aiming for an exceptional retention rate of 90%. 

DBL’s Approach: Striving for Excellence 

At DBL, we understand the importance of providing exceptional internship experiences. We believe in starting with a few key skills and making their development accessible to all interns. Our programmes focus on building a learning mindset from day one, emphasising the importance of continuous growth and development. 


In conclusion, internships are springboards to success and hold the promise of transforming student ambitions of employment into reality. By intentionally designing programmes to achieve goals in a supportive environment, employers can unlock doors to endless possibilities for their interns, who will likely be your future talent. 


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Lyndon Baker Senior Instructional Designer

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