Four Key Components to Build Powerful Partnerships

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Plaudits from industry specialists are always welcome, so we at Development Beyond Learning (DBL) are absolutely delighted to have won a major industry award recently. DBL, along with our esteemed partner, Jardine Matheson, were delighted to be presented with the award for Outstanding Employer & Supplier Development Partnership 2023 at the recent ISE Student Recruitment and Development Awards in Manchester. This achievement was in recognition of our long-standing partnership with Jardine Matheson, a Hong Kong-based multinational that operates across a broad spectrum of business sectors. This highlights our commitment to building relationships that develop into powerful, mutually rewarding enterprises.


Powerful relationships: DBL and our partners

Successful partnerships in the business world are rarely the work of just one or two people; here at DBL, our team is constantly striving to create, build and nurture relationships that go way beyond simply asking what the client wants and then supplying it. We are rightly known for providing exceptional results, and there is a great deal of work going on in the background to maintain those high standards.

There are several key components in our strategies, each of which contribute to the success of the partnerships we have developed. These are four very powerful processes, and when they are combined together they create a structure that will not only impress today, but will also continue to grow through the future.

Collaborative Conversations

At the heart of each of our partnerships lies effective, cohesive communication. DBL fosters a collaborative environment by actively engaging in conversations with our clients from the very start. By listening attentively, we gain a deep understanding of the client’s unique requirements and challenges. Through open dialogue, both parties can co-create customised learning solutions that address specific needs, ensuring that the partnership remains dynamic and productive.

Integration and Alignment

DBL recognises the importance of integrating our range of solutions seamlessly into the existing systems and processes of their partners. By aligning our approach with the client’s organisational frameworks, DBL ensures a smooth implementation and adoption process. This integration empowers clients to leverage their existing resources effectively, maximising the impact of the learning initiatives and promoting long-term sustainability.


Region-Specific Topics and Business Needs

To create a meaningful impact, DBL considers region-specific topics that resonate with participants. By tailoring our programs to address cultural nuances, local challenges and specific requirements of the business, DBL ensures that the learning experiences are relevant and engaging to every participant. Moreover, we conduct thorough research to match the instructional content with the expectations and requirements of the client’s commercial needs, resulting in practical and impactful learning outcomes.

Instructional Methods and Workplace Examples

DBL is committed to delivering research-based, practice-validated models and approaches. By aligning instructional methods with the client’s learning objectives, we ensure that the learning experiences are effective and engaging. To illustrate the practical application of these methods, DBL shares anonymised workplace examples, demonstrating how the new approaches can be implemented in real-world scenarios. This approach not only enhances learning retention but also provides participants with valuable insights into the practical application of acquired knowledge. And it’s important to understand that enjoyment of the learning modules is as crucial as anything else. We encourage participants to not only learn from the experience but also to take pleasure in it. There’s a strong emphasis on having fun at this stage, a strategy that allows learners to relax more and to see why participating can be such a positive experience.

A different approach to working in partnership

Our recent award underlines the importance of working in tandem with our customers to provide what they really want. Collaboration helps us to understand the needs of the partner, while seamless integration ensures a practical application of our high-quality learning modules. Offering region-specific solutions is crucial to the success of our global partners like Jardine Matheson, and by providing workplace scenarios we can offer learning that dovetails perfectly with their requirements.


Our team constantly strive to offer learning programmes that match our partners’ specific needs. It’s what we’ve always done, and what we will always do.

To find out more about our bespoke learning solutions for our clients, please contact the team at DBL today. We hope to be hearing from you very soon.


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