The future of business is changing. The fourth industrial revolution has arrived.


The future of business, and the future of work, is changing. The fourth industrial revolution has arrived.

By Josh Mackenzie, CEO, Development Beyond Learning

In several of the world’s largest economies, up to 50% of the workforce may need to switch occupations by 2030 due to rapid automation, according to McKinsey.

There are many other forces at play as well. While much remains uncertain, many organisations are future-proofing their businesses and workforces by investing in the development of critical future skills for their people.

Across our Development Beyond Learning (DBL) global client network for example, we continue to see investment in development programmes for student, graduate and early career talent populations. Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020 so a continued investment in this population is a smart business strategy.

As the world of work changes, the types of skills that were once considered ‘soft’ skills are becoming the ‘hard’ skills of tomorrow - skills that are ‘uniquely human‘ and ‘transferable’. The skills AI can't do!

Last year, the team at DBL conducted considerable global research into the capability requirements for the future of work and identified 18 core future skills such as Social Intelligence, Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

This research informed the refresh of our leading book, The Graduate Edge, and all of our DBL programs and products including workshops and digital content. So it is with much excitement that I announce the release of The Graduate Edge – 2018 Edition.

Graduate-Edge-Book-2018-Edition2_3D (1) copy.jpg

Conceived on my dining room table in 2011, The Graduate Edge was born with the simple idea to equip graduates and early career talent with the skills they needed to ‘hit the ground running’ and be ready for the professional world.

I am proud to say that The Graduate Edge has met that vision and been in the hands of tens of thousands of graduates and young professionals in more than 20 countries on every continent (bar Antarctica!) - in more locations, cultures, organisations and sectors than I ever dreamt possible.

The 2018 edition represents the most significant refresh of content since that first publication

- embracing the future of work, responding to feedback and ideas we have heard from its readers and employers, and addressing the challenges young people all over the world now face when starting a career.

The Graduate Edge helps graduates and early career professionals, in the short term, successfully transition into any new role or organisation, make an impact and build their profile. And, in the long term, helps those individuals remain highly employable throughout their career and well into the future.

Graduate Edge participants in a Development Beyond Learning session

Graduate Edge participants in a Development Beyond Learning session

Thank you to all the organisations in Australia who were the first in the world to provide this latest edition to their 2018 graduates during their recent Induction programs in February and March – many coupled with experiential workshops, digital content, business projects and facilitated sessions with their senior leaders about Graduate Edge topics.

Graduate-Edge-Book-2018-Edition3_3D (1).png

It's never too late to give your graduates the edge so please get in touch if you would like to order copy,

Finally, thank you to the DBL team for another incredible edition of The Graduate Edge – particularly Saskia Spaan our Head of Brand and Product and the incredible group of collaborators, DBL team members and clients – and of course my wife Lauren – who have supported The Graduate Edge over all of these years.