Changing the game by accelerating the transition

We believe the needs of 21st century young professionals require more than just workshops delivering death by powerpoint. We’re changing the game for leading organisations across the world, delivering development programs for young professionals, graduates and interns that no longer rely solely on workshops but learning on-the-job, where it counts; accelerating their transition into a professional career.

How we do it

Our unique program design methodology, centered on the 70/20/10 model of learning and development, focuses on changing behaviours through engagement dynamics, taking learning away from the classroom and back onto the job, where it counts. This unique design enables employers to get their young professionals, graduates and interns displaying the behaviours they need to hit the ground running.

The Graduate Edge

The cornerstone of our development programs for young professionals is The Graduate Edge - the world’s number one resource specifically created for those starting out in their professional careers; available in paperback, ebook or as part of The Graduate Edge Kit. All available through our store.

*Known as 'The Edge' in the Americas

Online Learning

Online Learning & e3edge

Our multi-faceted programs include access to our industry-leading online learning platform, e3edge. Our platform gives participants hours of first-class video and audio development content and assessments.

Using response design, e3edge is available anytime, anywhere, on any device ensuring development opportunities can be taken advantage away from desk, or even on the commute to work.

Measurement & Tracking

We incorporate online PulseCheck surveys and assessment tools for participants to provide simple and effective information about what graduates are learning and how engaged they are with the content.

As 70% of learning happens on the job, we understand that manager involvement in the development process is essential. This is why we include measurement and recognition of behaviours through manager verification on-the-job.

Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics help accelerate behavioural changes on to the job by increasing the engagement of participants throughout the program.

Incorporating the principles of gamification, our Engagement Dynamics engage participants through staged progression, communal discovery, social interdependence, identity development, status and influence, achievement recognition and reward distribution. is where this all comes to life.

Meet Matilda

See an example program come to life in this short video illustrating the experience from the perspective of a participant in one of our tailored development programs.

Want to see what The Graduate Edge is like?

The Graduate Edge - now the world’s #1 resource for young professionals is available in hardback, ebook or as part of The Graduate Edge Kit.

Developed out of DBL’s deep expertise in helping the world’s leading employers get their young professionals business-ready, The Graduate Edge includes over 50 practical 'how-to' guides to help individuals Understand, Communicate, Connect, Drive, Relate, Influence, Lead, Develop and Excel early in their careers. The Graduate Edge is brought to life through our engaging development programs.

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