Programs for Managers
Helping new, emerging and existing managers hone the skills and behaviours needed effectively manage people and systems.

Changing the game through people & systems

The skills that make a great individual contributor, don’t necessarily translate to being a great new manager. Our unique, multi-faceted management programs are created specifically for new, emerging and existing Managers helping them hone the skills and behaviours need to effectively manage people and systems.

Program Design & Delivery

Our unique program design is centered on the 70/20/10 model of learning and development, focusing on changing behaviours through engagement dynamics, taking learning away from the classroom and back onto the job, where it counts. This enables employers to get their Managers displaying the behaviours they need, quickly.

The Management Edge

Our development programs for Managers are based on The Management Edge; the book successful leaders and managers wish they had on their desk when they first stepped in to management roles early in their career. The Management Edge is available through our store in paperback, ebook or as part of The Management Edge Kit.

Online Learning & e3edge

Our multi-faceted programs for Managers include access to our industry leading online learning platform,, giving participants access to first class development content anytime, on any device; increasing flexibility as to when learning can take place, reducing time away from the desk.

Measurement & Tracking

Included in our manager programs as standard, short online PulseCheck surveys are distributed at various stages of the program directly to participants, providing data on progress throughout the program. DBL’s in-house decision-tree based assessment tool also helps assess on-the-job learning of participants. Available for all Management Edge online content or custom designed.

Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics help accelerate behavioural changes on to the job by increasing the engagement of managers throughout the program.

Incorporating the principles of gamification, our Engagement Dynamics engage managers through staged progression, communal discovery, social interdependence, identity development, status and influence, achievement recognition and reward distribution.

More on The Management Edge?

The Management Edge — How to succeed as a new manager is the book successful leaders and managers wish they had on their desk when they first stepped into leadership and management roles early in their career.

The Management Edge gives you the knowledge and skills you need as a leader and manager to increase your performance and make your job easier.

If you are on your way to being a manager, you need this book. If you are an employer looking to develop your next generation of manages, this is the perfect complement to any new manager development program. To see what the Management Edge is like complete your details to the right and receive the first chapter free.

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